Top 10 Reasons to Work at the NSG Group

1. The company is rich in heritage and tradition +

Through the years, three major glass companies would become entwined: Libbey-Owens-Ford in North America, Pilkington in the UK and Nippon Sheet Glass (now called the NSG Group) in Japan.

2. World Leader in Glass +

The NSG Group is one of the world's largest manufacturers of glass and glazing products for the architectural, automotive industry and technical glass sectors. At the NSG Group you can feel confident that your work will make a difference throughout the globe. Being the World Leader in Glass we impact millions of people's view of the world each and every day. So come help us make that a positive view!

3. Safety Focused +

NSG Group's Safety First culture is engrained in how we operate. In all aspects of our business, you will experience a safe work environment where safety of our team members is top of mind and always comes first.

4. Technology Driven +

Our focus on new products and processes offers opportunities for you to imagine, create, and innovate in every aspect of your work.

5. Global Company +

Our global presence in more than 30 countries offers you the chance to work for a company that is fully networked and delivering around the world. Finding global opportunities is just around the corner.

6. Great People +

At NSG Group you are surrounded by committed, intelligent, passionate people wanting to make a difference. Come for the opportunity to make a difference and stay for the great people that will become key to your career success.

7. Career Diversity +

At NSG Group we have a strong tradition of growing people who deliver excellent results. Our Growing from within mentality is not just a slogan, we place people with demonstrated abilities to succeed in new roles, provide support, and watch them soar.

8. Diversity and Inclusion +

We believe that our company should represent the diverse markets we operate in. At NSG Group you have the opportunity to work on teams with people with different backgrounds and ideas in facilities across the world. Only in this way, will we truly understand and deliver on the needs of our customers.

9. Great Pay/Benefits +

NSG Group views pay and benefits as the key pillars of the employment proposition. We regularly benchmark our benefits and pay programs against those of other leading companies where we operate and, as needed, update our programs to ensure they are aligned to drive long-term growth for both our employees and our businesses.

10. Team based environment +

When you join NSG Group, you will become part of a collaborative team, working closely with your colleagues to innovate and exceed expectations!